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Trying to fit a full sized bed into a child’s room is not always the best arrangement to go. An alternative? The low loft bed.

A child’s room is usually small; a full size bed will take up most of the free space in the room. But a child needs a lot of playing space, so your child will mostly likely end up spending a lot of playtime on his/her bed.

However, you don’t really want your kid to be playing so much on the bed. A bed is meant for sleeping and to sleep comfortably, the bed should preferably be kept clean. And having your kid play on the bed most of the time isn’t going to help with cleaning.

To give your child a bed of his own while keep his play area available, we recommend a low loft bed. Low loft beds are perfect for kids because the raised bed means the open area underneath can be used as a play or work area.

The height of a low loft bed is not as tall as standard loft beds, so children have no problem getting on and off their beds. Besides, you will also be able to look over their beds to make sure your kids are doing fine. Setting and cleaning the bed will also be a much simpler task.

Like standard loft beds, low loft beds can be attached with a variety of furniture to suit your needs. You can put in cupboards or drawers to increase storage space, or you can convert the bottom in a play pen or pseudo camping tent for your kids to play in.

The height of the low loft bed may be low, but it is still sufficiently high enough for your children to be able to play underneath and still have a comfortable headspace above them.

Like standard loft beds, low loft beds also come with ladders for access onto the top bed. While it is relatively lower, it is still fairly tall for kids, so a ladder access is still necessary. Some low loft beds can be equipped with slides for extra fun.

Low loft beds can be bought with a full set of furniture or it can be simply an empty frame without even the mattress. It all depends on how much of the low loft bed do you want to get personalized. The more empty the bed, the more you can improvise and add on furniture that works for you.

Of course, the more furniture that comes attached with the low loft bed, the more expensive the bed will be. Semi-furnished low loft beds are favored by many because everyone has a different bed room set up, so no one design will fit all. The best way to go about it is to customize each bed to each room.

Low loft beds can be made of various types of materials such as wood, metal or even plastic. Low loft beds are smaller and meant to take less weight, therefore it need not be as heavily built as standard loft beds. Therefore heavy duty plastic will work just as well.

Children love low loft beds since it is essentially a large playhouse for them. They can climb up and down the bed and also have their private play area. Low loft beds are ideal addition to a child’s room. Whether it is to solve space problems or simply to create a play area to make your child happy, low loft beds will not disappoint you.

Find out more about low loft beds at www.lowloftbeds.org. We hope the information on this site is useful to you. Enjoy!



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